Hitz Pics

Site Name: Hitz Pics, HP, http://www.hitzpics.com ... any/all work. ;-)

Site Debut: February 1, 2008

Number of Pictures at Site Debut: 1,000

Webmasters: Jessica & Hannah

About This Site: Hitz Pics is dedicated to providing rare (and often high-quality) Hanson pictures from 1997 to the present. We love Hanson pictures just as much as the next Hanson fan, and we hope that you will enjoy the gallery and the photos presented here.

Pictures & Quality: We pride ourselves in presenting as many high-quality, high-resolution Hanson photos that we can, as they were originally presented in printed media. However, not all pictures will be high-quality or high-resolution on account of their placement, size, and/or quality in magazines and books. But we try our best.

The Goal: The eventual goal of this web site is to have a complete Hanson archive of every professional Hanson photo shoot and concert in existence. Impossible? Maybe. But we're willing to try.

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